EDD-Tools is and application that combines number of tools that automates and significantly simplifies common litigation support tasks. EDD-Tools will help those who mostly use LAW and Concordance. Here is a quick glance on various tools that are part of EDD-Tools. Go ahead give them a try but be sure you have you backups just in case something goes wrong.

Tool: Sort Date Creator
Description: Date of the parent email and can be applied to all of its attachments. This will allow you to sort document chronologically and still maintain correct document order within parent/child family.
Real world use:
• Sorting document to analyze flow of communication in chronological order.

Tool: Load QC / Access Query
Description: This tool will query results from all import sessions and display them on screen for you.
Real world use:
• When large number of imports have taken place this tool can help you visually confirm that same settings have been used from session to session.

Tool: Load QC / PST Scan
Description: Scan’s PST file and compares EntryIds within PST file to what has been loaded to LAW. If any items are missing from, they will be saved to MSG file to be reloaded.
Real world use:
• Quality control of data that has been loaded into LAW

Tool: Project Snapshot
Description: Analyze content of LAW case for things such as number of duplicates, documents without text, documents with/without images. Snapshot can be emailed to you on regular intervals.
Real world use:
• Analyze content of the project
• Receive automated email to asses status of TIFFing or loading of data into LAW case.

Tool: Image Merger
Description: Replacement for LAW’s “Image Replacement Load File”. This tool can use load images for document even if no images exist in LAW or page count is different.
Real world use:
• Load redacted images that have different number of pages
• Load images for documents tiffed on the fly in the review tool

Tool: Family Range Updater
Description: This tool will update AttachPID and AttachLVL based on BegDoc and BegAttach fields loaded from existing DAT file.
Real world use:
• If you received produced/exported data (DAT/OPT/LFP/Images) and need to load them into LAW to create subsets of production.
• Loading processed data into LAW and be able to use “Return parent/attachments groups” function

Tool: Image Records Cleaner
Description: Deletes image records.
Real world use:
• LAW may  time out when overwriting or deleting documents with large page counts. This tool will delete image records instantly.

Tool: Renumber Suffixes
Description: Renumber documents with various suffixing options.
Real world use:
• Number exhibits where each document has exhibit number and page numbers start from one for each exhibit: PX035.001

Tool: Restrict Search Results
Description: If you need to run search terms reports on selected set of data this tool will eliminate documents from “TextReports\Searches.mdb” that you do not want.
Real world use:
• Limit number of documents to just specific PST, Custodian or folder.

Tool: Parent To Attach
Description: Push field value from parent record to its attachments
Real world use:
• Apply coding or tagging designation that was only applied to parent to all attachments
• Apply subject of email to all attachments

Tool: Create ConversationFamily and Level
Description: This tool will extract unique Outlook conversation id that can be used to group conversation thread together. Conversation level will indicate how far into the conversation this message belongs
Real world use:
• Help reviewer look at message in the conversation order.
• Understand how email chain evolves

Tool: Generate Volume Name
Description: Create volume names to be used during export. You can use FileSize or PgCount fields to set volume size.
Real world use:
• Organize data into multiple volume so that export can be done on multiple stations at the same time

Tool: Load linked table to tblDoc
Description: LAW uses a relation database model but sometimes it best flatten data a bit. Data from EDSouce, Custodian, tblBody and other tables can be loaded directly into tblDoc for easier searching and manipulating.
Real world use:
• Load Body field into tblDoc to search just insidie body field

Tool: Generate Saved Search Query
Description: This tool can generate “saved search” to be used in LAW. You will supply search terms and what fields to be search and this eliminate tedious process of adding one field at a time and joing search terms with AND or OR.
Real world use:
• Searching for 10 names in From,To,CC, BCC fields

Tool: Field Editor
Description: Field editor can be used in number of creative combinations. You can merge fields together or just copy one field into another for backup. Search and replace can be performed on one or combined version of multiple fields. You can also format date and time fields if exact formatting is desired. You can even zero fill a number without a prefix.
Real world use:
• Creating a field that combines date and time in one field. Such fields are preferred by Relativity
• Combine Subject and Title into one field

Tool: Batch Updater
Description: Batch updates will set field to the value you specify.   It is a convenient way of updating large number of records to the same value.
Real world use:
• Remove old endorsement by setting Footer field of tblPage to 50
• Assign export volume name to large number of records

Tool: Tag List Loader
Description: Tag records is essentially same function found in LAW’s Import Taglist menu. Major difference is you can load a tag list into any table, not just tblDoc
Real world use:
• Tag individual pages of the document to either keep or delete

Tool: MD5 Hash Generator
Description: This feature lets you generate MD5 hash value based on any field that you choose.
Real world use:
• In case PST collection has a lot of “offline Outlook users” LAW deduplication may not work correctly. New MD5 hash can be generated for emails based on desired set of fields

Tool: Time Zone Converter
Description: EDD Tools can convert date-time fields into another timezone. Daylight savings time is fully supported and accounted for.
Real world use:
• If data was processed in wrong time zone, this feature can be used to fix dataset
• More than one date-time field can be created to help reviewer get better idea on timeline of docuement exchange

Tool: Time Zone Offset Calculator
Description: A GTM/UTC offset can be generated based on any timezone. This value can be used to convert date/time on the fly in the review application. Daylight savings time is fully supported and accounted for.
Real world use:
• Relativity can use this field to adjust date/time in the native viewer for MSG emails.

Concordance Tools

Tool: Create Review Batches
Description: This tool will generate GAT file to be loaded into Concordance using TagSaver CPL. It will create tags based on number of documents specified.
Real world use:
• Split collection of document between reviewers in order better keep track of the review process

Tool: Find Families - CPL Replacement
Description: FindFamilies CPL may take a long time to run. Exporting BegBates and BegAttach and processing though EDD-Tools will generate a QRY that you just open as saved search.
Real world use:
• Replace slow find families CPL in Concordance and make finding families quicker.

Tool: TRK Viewer
Description: View for Concordance TRK file
Real world use:
• View Concordance TAGs, back them up or manipulate them by copying them to Excel or Access

Tool: FYI.DB Viewer
Description: View FYI’s internal database. This tool has some prebuilt queries to join internal tables and make it easier to understand how data relates together.
Real world use:
• Create reports for easy billing
• View all enable or disable users at once
• See “flat” view of all clients/matters/databases

Text Tools

Tool: Convert Range to List
Description: Converts text file contain BegDoc, EndDoc to a sequential list of bates numbers.
Real world use:
• Tag individual pages within the document

Tool: File Splitter
Description: Splits text files into smaller once. It has ability only to split only on specific lines. This can help make sure that if you split load file into smaller once, each part will always start on new document break and not in the middle of the document
Real world use:
• Split large database dumps into smaller manageable files
• Split load files into smaller files

File Tools

Tool: Dirlist Maker
Description: Replacement for DIR command that will not list directories. It will list files only so the list becomes much more useful.
Real world use:
• Create inventory of files to be processed

Tool: Screenshot Utility
Description: Take screenshot at certain intervals and save it into a folder. Tool will also generate html page that can be used to pull screenshots into one html page.
Real world use:
• Monitor activity on multiple stations from a web browser.